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Yaya Rudo

Yaya Rudo is a professional independent Skills Development Facilitator. Her highest selling talk is Etiquette Matters which has seen her speaking at many social and corporate gatherings. In the corporate world and schools, she has facilitated workshops on Diversity, Customer Care, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence.
She has spoken at many different international stages including TEDx Women and World Summit Fearless Women 2021. She is the recipient of the Brian Clarke Public Speaking Shield .
Also known as the Lemonade Maker Lady following her successful talks that encourage people not to remain victims, Yaya brings contagious positive energy to any room. Her ability to laugh at herself as well as include biblical concepts makes her relatable.
Yaya is a published writer with two fiction books to her name and one children’s book . One of her books The Return was turned into a short film by The Zimbabwe International Film Festival.