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As a professional Skills Development Facilitator, Yaya understands the power of well told stories in driving the point home. Audiences, viewers, students and book readers around the world remember lessons from great stories.
Yaya loves a well told story her training sessions, public speaking classes and book writing sessions reflect this. Do you want to learn skills to keep your audience engaged, may be you have training needs in your organisation or you simply want to publish your first book – congratulations you are on the right page.

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Public Speaking

Public speaking is a powerful tool at the work place and social gatherings.

Content Editing

We do content editing for novels, anthologies, short stories, blogs etc.

Book Writing

Learn the fundamentals of writing for impact and transformation of the mind.

Corporate Training

We offer Communication skills, Grooming and Business Etiquette & more.

Virtual Learning

Flexible Learning


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How do you even start to forgive-We have an abused handsome medical doctor and a pretty but stigmatised albino girl.The handsome young man Booker, discovers who abused him.
The pretty girl September-Rain, discovers the woman she regarded as a mother was not her biological mother. Is it even possible for two people riddled with huge unresolved issues to move on?

The Return

The Return highlights the challenges faced by one woman as she makes efforts to re-enter society after doing time.
Ruth served three years in prison for arson, and then came home to a lot of traumatizing changes and situations. Her children could not relate to her, job hunting was a nightmare; her in-laws did not want to hear of her because she had tarnished their name and her womanizing husband had moved on.

Juni Eyeball Learns to Care

Are you going to kill my dad? Junior Dzenga then 4 years asked the robbers during an armed robbery.
The Juni Eyeball Crime Buster Series aims to restore basic values in children with a long term vision of curbing crime. Each story in the series teaches children lost values like caring, kindness, sharing, forgiveness, even saying sorry. When a child disregards basic moral values it is the same child who as an adult will take to crime.